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Are you an online course creator, coach or expert in your field looking for a lead magnet that actually delivers? 

Thought so! 

How does an average conversion rate of 50% sound?
  A bit like?👇

So the answer to your audience growth prayers and the most effective lead grabber there is.... 
happens to be ... 🥁 drumroll please 🥁 the Magic of....


🌟 A QUIZ! 🌟


And the good news is you are the best person to write it!

But not on your own. 

I'm here to help you do it - in just 6 weeks!  

Read on...!

Yes..there's a Quiz Writer in you...


I promise you that you have the perfect Quiz in you right now and it's bursting to get out!

But I know it's not easy. 

There are so many moving parts that you think you need to get right:

  • The Topic??
  • The Title??
  • The Questions??
  • The Answers??
  • The Results??


Not to mention the images, gifs, email sequences...

Ok,  Listen up -because here's the thing....

You don't need to be a fancy Copywriter or pay $1000s to get your Quiz written.

You just need a simple framework that I will teach in the Quizzes Made Easy to translate your personality and expertise into a lead generating machine.

Plus a healthy dose of support and cheer-leading from your new friends so that you too can create Quiz Magic 🪄

And before you know it you'll have created the greatest lead magnet known to man! 

 Which you can set and forget - leaving it to generate lots of lovely leads on autopilot... while you get on with something way better!


Quizzes Made Easy 

Get your Quiz DONE in 6 Weeks.

Here's how


Work Out Your Quiz Purpose

So many people miss this bit! But not you!
Your quiz will sit right at the heart of your business so you need to work out exactly what you want it to do to grow your audience and your business. 
An in-depth look at your whole customer journey so your quiz will deliver the results you really want.

Define Your Ideal Customer

I'm not into those those dusty old ICA exercises! I don't care what Janice has for breakfast!

We'll take a fun look at your whole audience and the different segments within it. 
This means you can give your quiz taker the perfect outcome plus an offer that matches them perfectly. This means they are WAY more likely to buy.

Craft the Perfect Topic & Title

Together, let's work out the one question that your audience wants answering.  Your hook will bring new people to you time and time again. 
And your promise you can give them so that they will rush to take your Quiz.


Write Your Questions & Answers (right!)

Let's get these babies working really hard for you - engaging, entertaining and teaching your quiz taker. 
I will take you through my unique SOFTEE framework. The same one I use with my Done for You clients that means your quiz work as hard as it possibly can 💪. 


Design Your Results

I'll tell you exactly what you need to include to create results pages that are surprise and delight as much as the Quiz itself . So you get to welcome your new customers into your world in style and give them a VIP start to their journey with you. 


Made Your Quiz Stand Out from the Crowd

Your quiz should be a piece of art!  
Beautiful copy and design go hand in hand so we will make sure you get the perfect colours, images and even gifs to make your quiz stand out from all the 'meh' ones out there.


Get Your Quiz Out into the World 👏

I will give you all the encouragement possible to make sure you are so proud of your Quiz that you're bursting to get it out there.
We'll also plan a marketing strategy that suits you for optimal visibility.

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Quizzes Made Easy


4 x Quiz Teaching Modules 

4 x Live Implementation Sessions

2 x Get it Done Full Support weeks

At least 4 x Expert Bonus Trainings

Templates and Workbooks

Private Facebook Group

Additional access and support via Facebook Group and Voxer

Quiz Launch Party!

*All LIVE sessions recorded



Katherine Davison,

Epiphany Wellbeing Solutions
"I was suprised how understandable you made it all, and that I actually finished it.  I had someone tell me how professional looking the quiz is and it thinking of doing her own, I have let her know about your course."

Meet your Incredible Guest Experts!

But Why a Quiz? 

  1. Ok so everyone LOVES quizzes (mainly because we all love finding out about ourselves!) Which means people will rush to take your quiz. (And you'll pay way less for Facebook ads too)

  2. Quizzes demonstrate your personality and your expertise from the minute your quiz taker answers their first question right to the results you give them. This means you have a list full of people that really want to be there!

  3. Quizzes are the best way to find out exactly what you need to know about your potential customers - in a fun way. No boring surveys here!

  4. The average quiz funnel converts at 50% Which is a whopping 1500% higher than the standard conversion rate. 

  5. They're super fun and they make you look cool.. who doesn't want a piece of that?!

What Will We Cover? 

Module 1
Why? Title and Subtitle

We'll kick off by getting you really clear on why you want a quiz and what you want It to achieve. When we know that we can decide the right type of quiz for you and a Killer Title and Subtitle

  • Your Quiz Purpose
  • Hooks and Promise
  • The Quiz Bridge
  • Copy that Connects Expert Training (additional session)

Module 2
Outcomes and Results

Now that you know what you want to achieve from your Quiz and you have your Title and Subtitle we'll work out your Results which means really understanding your potential customers. So we will nail:

  • Your Ideal Customer Segments
  • Writing Your Outcomes
  • What to include in your Awesome Results
  • Video Production Training (for your results) Guest Expert. (additional session) 

Module 3
Questions & Answers

With clarity on your results and ideal customers you can now write the questions. It starts to get really fun now. We will explore:

  • Reverse Engineering Your Questions
  • Images and gifs– how to choose your perfect images
  • My SOFTEE Quiz Framework for the hardest working quizzes on the internet!
  • Your Email Capture page - yes it really matters what you put here
  • User Experience and Design Expert Training (additional session)

Module 4
Quiz Optimisation

I'll teach you all you need (including templates) for everything you need to maximise your quiz results and follow up going forward including:

  • Results Email Sequences
  • How to get your quiz out there without spending a dime! 
  • Facebook Ads for Quizzes Expert Training (additional session)


I can’t wait to help you create your awesome quiz!


Hey I’m Heather - and ok - you got me - I am a quiz geek...  I have worked in advertising, events and arts marketing for over 25 years and I am telling you - I have never found a lead magnet that is so effective, engaging or fun as the humble quiz!

My first quiz generated so many leads, easily, quickly and cheaply that people started getting in touch to ask me to give them a hand.  

And my love affair with quizzes began. 😍

I believe everyone who is serious in list building and reaching new customers can benefit from a quiz in their business.

But I know too that not everyone can afford Done For You Services and some people just want to create their quiz themselves.

That is why I've created this group coaching programme to help anyone who wants to write their own quiz, easily, cheaply and effectively. 

I can't wait to get started and see what you create!

Still thinking about it?

You know.. this Programme is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You don't have a lead magnet yet so you want the best kind from the beginning.
  2. You've tried writing a quiz before but just haven't managed to get it out there!  
  3. You've got a quiz already but it's not delivering or is just a bit meh.
  4. You're fed up of spending so much precious time on lead-gen and you would love something you can 'set and forget' 
  5. You think you'll never get enough leads to launch your product or service.
  6. You know that quizzes are the fastest most fun way to explode your email list! 
  7. You're tired of boring lead magnets and ready to take the actions you need to get your quiz done.

Watch what Marc from Content Creation Studio Academy had to say about Quizzes Made Easy.  


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4 x Quiz Teaching Modules 

4 x LIVE Implementation Sessions

2 x Get it Done Full Support weeks

At least 4 x Expert Bonus Trainings

Templates and Workbooks

Private Facebook Group

Additional access and support via Facebook Group and Voxer

Quiz Launch Party!

*All LIVE sessions recorded


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Heather Carr takes the mystery out of quiz design and replaces it with magic. Her course material design is a delight and feels genuinely do-able. Heather's teaching style is supportive, flexible, and empathic. Impressed and inspired. Five stars!

Sidney Eve
Valentine Course Design

Programme starts w/c 31st January 2022.

Sales close Friday 28th January.